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Physiotherapists Hakuba

Meet the Hakuba Physio Team

All the staff at Hakuba Physio are highly professional and fully committed to our patients’ health. We actively keep up to date with the latest in injury management techniques to ensure that your experience with us is smooth and seamless, from first contact to last appointment. Our therapists are all highly trained and experienced, with degrees in physiotherapy from leading universities in the field. We practice an Australian style of physiotherapy.

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Bevan Colless

Founder and Owner

Ben Kirk

Head Physiotherapist
Clinic Manager

Darcy Lubcke

Senior Physiotherapist

Michelle Novotny

Senior Physiotherapist

Hannah Senior

Senior Physiotherapist
Massage therapist

Chris Leaper

Senior Physiotherapist
Massage therapist

Timothy O’Leary

Sports Massage Therapist

Kieko Nakayama

Expert Sports Massage Therapist

Rani Fynn

Reception Manager

New Patient

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